Krone launches new V12 BiG X 980 and BiG X 1080 harvesters

Krone has launched two new high-end forage harvesters, the BiG X 980 and BiG X 1080, in direct response to an increasing global demand in the 900hp to 1100hp segment. The new harvesters are slightly lower in power than the top-of-the-range 1180 machine.

Like the 1156hp BiG X 1180 in the range, the two new models will also be powered by a Liebherr V12 engine, boasting an extended 1000-hour oil change and service intervals for filters and valves. All three models in the range are naturally compliant with Stage V and Tier 4f standards (the latter requiring only SCR emission treatment).

The two new models feature a modified PowerSplit that allows the operator to customise engine power to current requirements at the touch of a button. They have the option of economical Eco-Power mode, and in situations requiring full engine output, the operator selects X-Power.

The advantage claimed for this technology is to boost efficiency and give greater fuel economy. Other pioneering developments that make the high-end BiG X unique in the forage harvester market is the innovative crop flow assembly that consists of six pre-compression rollers, a massive chopping drum and the OptiMaxx 305 and CornConditioner. Its huge conditioning surface area ensures intensive grain and stalk processing.

VariStream, that consists of a spring-loaded floor beneath the chopping cylinder and a spring-loaded plate behind the crop accelerator, is also included to minimise blockages and ensure smooth crop flow.

Another unique versatility improvement is VariLOC – a gearbox inside the pulley that drives the chopping drum – that enables the drum speed to be reduced from 1250 to 800rpm, while increasing cut length by up to 50%.

Krone Lift-Cab and the unique XtraPower system add to the new BiG X features. The latter is an online feature that offers operators the opportunity to book additional engine power into the machine for a limited period of time. There is XtraPower 100 for the BiG X 980 and the BiG X1080 and XtraPower 200 for the Big X 980.

Measuring and recording nutrient levels in grass, maize and whole crop silage during harvest has become increasingly important, which is aided by the dual-purpose NIR Control sensor. Last but not least, both models are equipped with SmartConnect – a standard telemetric unit offering real-time collection and transmission of all machine data. The data can then be communicated to Krone SmartTelematics and/or transferred to a farm management system via the Agrirouter.

Krone harvester range is available in Ireland from Farmhand Ltd.


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