100% connectivity comes standard on the new Massey Ferguson MF 8S Series

Massey Ferguson has a new level of connectivity with the introduction of wireless transfer of machine and agronomic data for the new MF 8S Series range of tractors.

Massey Ferguson has introduced a new level of tractor connectivity with the introduction of wireless transfer of machine and agronomic data along with a comprehensive suite of sustainable farming services to boost efficiency, productivity and profitability for the new MF 8S Series range of tractors.
MF Connect is standard on all new MF 8 S Series tractors. This telemetry system, which comes with a three-year subscription, provides seamless transfer of machine operation data. Together with the new agrirouter system, transferring agronomic data directly to the compatible users’ farm management software, Massey Ferguson delivers total wireless connectivity.
With MF Connect users can monitor their entire machinery fleet. This provides information on the machines’ current positions, the routes travelled as well as among other things, speed and working time as well as actual fuel and AdBlue consumption rates.
All this data can be viewed on a secure dedicated webpage, accessible from any internet-enabled device. Dealers, with permission, can also access information, such as CAN or error messages as well as service and maintenance alerts.

Universal data exchange
Agrirouter is a universal data highway that enables users to share data to and from machinery fleets from different manufacturers. At the same time, it is able to transfer data to and from various farm management software products and suppliers as well as with contractors, advisors and customers.
Internet-based, agrirouter is claimed to be simple and secure. It does not store any data – it simply transfers it to whoever or whatever the machine the user selects. Similarly, with permission, third-party users can transfer data, such as variable treatment plans or spray recommendations, directly to the application vehicle, as well as to others such as the user, contractor, or agronomist.

Importantly, because it is ‘neutral’, the information can flow between disparate systems – software, data management and machines. It works with existing farm management software and a wide range of equipment from an increasing number of manufacturers.
Easy to set up and use, it works automatically in the background, simplifying processes and helping to improve productivity and profits.
Currently available in English, French and German, the ISOBUS compatible system is now being quickly adopted by many leading manufacturers as the new ‘industry standard’.

MF NEXT Machine Management
While the data transmitted by agrirouter is compatible with most farm management programs, it comes with Massey Ferguson’s NEXT Machine Management software, which helps users make best use of the shared data for precision farming applications. Developed in association with other participating manufacturers, this software will be released by the end of the 2020.
The easy to use system enables operators to create and process A-B lines, plan, manage and document operations, create and transfer treatment plans and application maps. Connected with agrirouter, it means this data can be shared with all ISOBUS equipment.

Fully connected system
Massey Ferguson’s Datatronic 5 terminal, which is standard on the new MF 8S Series, is the operator’s control and information station.
As well as monitoring all the tractor functions it is also able to control ISOBUS-compatible implements and is also ready to run all the elements in the MF Technologies Suite. These include MF Guide automatic steering, as well as MF Section and Rate Control, which can now handle up to 36 sections and five products.
Alternatively, these functions can also be controlled on a separate Fieldstar 5 touch-screen terminal.
Datatronic 5 comes ready-installed with TaskDoc software to create field records, as applied maps, log fuel use, make job reports as well as keep an accurate account of all inputs to every hectare.
Further easing operations is TaskDoc Pro that enables this data to be transferred, via agrirouter, to the user’s farm management software or NEXT Machine Management.

Digital customer portal
MyMF is a new digital portal that provides a digital personalised Massey Ferguson service. Here users can not simply manage their equipment and data but create as well profiles for My Farm and My Team along with My Machines and fleet on MF Connect. It also shows details of associated warranties, any alerts as well as help keep track of any finance plans.
Tutorials and training courses are also hosted on MyMF, which can also be used to buy parts and accessories and even configure new machines and view dealer quotations.

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