Dutch manufacturer modifies McConnel machines for compact loader use

In close cooperation with the British manufacturer McConnel, Dabekausen has now developed the well-known series of compact arm mowers for mounting on compact loaders. The unit comes with a new compact boom with an extension of 3.40 or 4.30 meters.

This is mounted on the hydraulic left to right frame developed by the Dutch manufacturer. The machines come standard with a 180 degrees mechanical attachment rotation, although it is also possible to swing the attachment forward through an angle of 150 degrees – for both right and left hand side work. This feature is useful when working with a loader where the cab is close to the mowing arm.

For years, Dabekausen has made the adjustments to the machines supplied by McConnel. Machines were taken apart and various special modifications were developed and produced in-house.

In order to maintain uniformity in production and high quality, Dabekausen has taken the production of the hydraulic rotation into its own hands. McConnel supplies the complete arm parts, valve blocks and, of course, the electric-proportional control unit. Dabekausen mounts this on the hydraulic left-right substructure that was newly developed in-house. The customer can choose on which shovel the whole is built up. This can possibly be done in the workshop at Dabekausen or locally at the dealer; unburdening the operator and construction according to customer wishes are the key words here.

The machines are supplied as standard with a mechanical 180 degree tool rotation, whereby it is also possible to have the tool work at an angle of 150 forward, both when working on the right and when working on the left. This feature is ideal when working with an implement carrier, where the cab sits close to the arm mower.

After a successful presentation at the Groene Sector Vakbeurs in January, production of the first series of machines has now started.


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