The Solar Powered Motor Car

It’s never been invented, a car that isn’t circumvented

By another one, superior by far,

The Government is keener to have us all go greener,

And get ourselves a cleaner motor car

They tell us all we’re fools, to be burning Fossil fuels,

And they’re bringing in new rules to help us raise the Bar.


There are plenty who’d be happy to trade-in the old jalopy

And get themselves the latest Super Solid Solar Powered Motor car.

The rich have all gone mental,

Giving up their Rolls and Bentley

just to get themselves a Solar Powered Car.

For within the daylight hour, they’ll get free electric power,

To let them travel near and far,

And with that more assurance, they can cut back on insurance.

Sure, I always knew it, the rich know how to do it,

Hey, you, get of the pitch and let all those people that are rich

Get themselves the celebrated, much debated Super Solar Powered Motor Car.


Well now that it’s been tested, everyone’s invested, and the roads are all congested,

you can get yourselft arrested just sitting in your car

And there’s no good going places and making all those faces

When you find they’re just the same as you are.

Now, I’m over ninety, I’ve seen it all and plenty and I’m not inclined to wander very far

I’m feeling so frustrated and I’m getting agitated for everything’s fragmented

And I’m really too demented to think of trading-in the diesel car

Now that everything’s unravelling, I’m giving up the travelling and forgetting all about the Super Solid Solar Powered Motor Car.


By Pearse McNulty, poet and lifetime genius

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