Fendt rolls out FendtONE for the new generation of Fendt 500, 900 and 1000 Vario

Short harvest windows, changing climate conditions and legal restrictions place ever greater demands on farmers worldwide and the farming technology they use. The new, future-oriented FendtONE operating concept offers simple solutions to meet these requirements more easily. FendtONE is now being rolled out to the three new generations of the Fendt 500, 900 and 1000 Vario series. In addition to Smart Farming features, other technical innovations have been added to these series, including an optional self-cleaning air filter for the large tractors and improvements for front-loader use on the Fendt 500 Vario.


FendtONE helps overcome farming challenges

The legal requirements on reporting are constantly expanding, as are the demands for sustainable agriculture and price pressures on agricultural products. This also increases the pressure on farmers and contractors worldwide to produce in an economical and therefore efficient way. The basis for an economically successful farm is an in-depth knowledge of its operating figures. These figures are also the key to demonstrating sustainable management.

Other challenges include increasing distances between the farm and field, a growing number of run-outs on farms and the need to use non-local temporary drivers in short harvest windows. These factors make it harder to organise and delegate jobs on agricultural holdings. As such, putting stringent planning and preparation processes in place offers huge potential for increasing efficiency in how the work is done.


FendtONE – Machine and office become one

This is exactly where FendtONE comes in. With the FendtONE offboard digital platform, Fendt offers a system for farmers to manage their machine data and agronomic data, so they can keep an eye on them at all times. It’s a better way to plan, organise and log staff and machine use as well as job orders, while saving valuable working hours out on the field. With field boundaries and waylines already recorded in a clear format on the vehicle, you can make full use of your machinery’s capacity from the word go.

Meanwhile, the FendtONE onboard driver’s workstation offers a number of solutions to increase the machine’s efficiency. Smart Farming features such as lane guidance, subsection processing and optimising hook-ups mean less fuel and resources are used in the long term, hours are saved and the driver’s work is made easier.


Documentation is easier than ever

When you work with a fertiliser spreader or slurry tanker, you need to precisely record and track the amount of nutrient applied. Now you can let Fendt Task Doc complete job-related reporting tasks for you on the machine. Profi+ models come with Fendt Task Doc as standard. In FendtONE offboard, you can plan the job and send it to a machine over the mobile network. While the job is being carried out, Fendt Task Doc collects onboard agronomic data including actual application volumes. Once complete, you’ll be able to view a job report in FendtONE offboard. You can use this data to apply your nutrient stock in a sustainable way. Comprehensive documentation also supports compliance with food industry standards.

Out on the field, the new FendtONE onboard operating concept makes work easier. Drivers can personalise the display over various panes on the 12″ terminal on the armrest and the optional 12″ terminal in the roof. So, you can have the 12″ terminal on the armrest showing the field map for use with Fendt Variable Rate Control, while the roof terminal shows the attachment’s ISOBUS features. The driver can keep an eye on all the relevant functions at all times. Fendt Variable Rate Control applies seeds, fertilisers and pesticides efficiently and according to demand, while protecting resources and the environment.


Dynamic hook-ups and efficient work with TIM

FendtONE makes it even easier to operate complex combinations of machinery. Use the multifunction joystick to control both the tractor and ISOBUS functions. And now there’s the all-new 3L joystick, which you can assign up to 27 ISOBUS functions to over three levels. The 3L joystick can be used to control complex ISOBUS-compatible attachments. There’s no need for external joysticks as long as the attachment supports the AUX-N standard.

Another smart solution for optimising the efficiency of hook-ups is TIM (Tractor Implement Management). With the help of TIM, the tractor adapts perfectly to the requirements of the attachment and increases the overall productivity of the machinery. Together with a TIM-compatible attachment, such as the Fendt Tigo XR all-in-one wagon, the attachment controls specific tractor functions such as driving speed to optimise the feed intake according to harvest conditions. The tractor speeds up for large swath volumes, and slows down for smaller volumes. As a result, the pick-up always works at its best, the hook-up is always working to capacity and the driver can focus fully on overseeing the loading process.

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