New generation tractor loaders from STOLL

The STOLL tractor loader company introduces the its next generation of the ProfiLine, the best front loader STOLL has ever built, setting new standards. Innovative functions, improved performance and technologies that offer the user even more comfort and precision will be used worldwide.

The STOLL ProfiLine also boasts impressive top values in all areas, ensuring the highest quality in lifting power and height, stability or loading speed. On top of that, the individually selectable accessories of the entire ProfiLine Next Generation match the wishes of its users.

The ProfiLine FZ front loaders are made of fine-grained steel for maximum stability with maximum torsional rigidity at the same time. The swing arm bar is bent from a single piece of steel – the control rods are installed inside the bar. All hydraulic lines are well protected, but freely accessible, under the swing arm bar. STOLL‘s new front loader offers kinematics of the entire swing arm body adapted to modern tractors. This results in optimum positioning of the swing arm to relieve the front axle and the best possible clearance for steering angle and axle swing travel.

In order to avoid the regular replacement of the hose lines in the area of the tie bars, which is necessary according to DIN 20066, STOLL uses wear-free steel hydraulic pipes here.

The subframes are suitable for all common tractors. Thanks to the optimal positioning of the subframes close to the driver‘s cab, the front axle load is significantly reduced. In addition, this shifts the centre of gravity of the entire front loader to the centre of gravity of the tractor.

The STOLL front loader can be mounted and dismounted in just a few steps. Parking supports can be operated without tools and the hydraulic connection that can be coupled under pressure. With the drive-in function, STOLL front loaders can be conveniently attached to the tractor. The STOLL drive-in system is constantly being further developed and its function optimised. Today, this system is part of the basic equipment of a front loader – reliable and used over 1/4 million times. Incidentally, an original STOLL invention.

STOLL‘s accessory function Comfort Drive reduces the impact of the loader and implement – a plus point: the vehicle is protected. A high-level solution from STOLL.

This is how Comfort Drive works: A piston accumulator is installed in the front loader’s cross tube – directly above the central hydraulic block. This is filled both with oil and nitrogen. Vibrations that occur while driving are cushioned here by compressing the nitrogen through the oil pressure.

On the STOLL front loader, all hydraulic lines are quickly connected and disconnected – with just one hand movement. The STOLL Hydro-Fix (rectangular, 4-way coupling) can be coupled or uncoupled under high pressure as standard. STOLL provides further Hydro-Fixes for the most common tractor brands. And the cover mechanism installed as standard protects the system from coarse dirt.

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