Agrimax Force: the right solution for high power tractors on every type of soil

AGRIMAX FORCE is one of BKT’s best-selling tyres and has been created to improve the performance of high power tractors on all types of soil. It is one of BKT best known ranges due to its versatility, resistance and speed: all fundamental qualities to facilitate the work of farmers and contractors.

An entire episode of BKT Network is dedicated to AGRIMAX FORCE, which “explores” all its features.


IF technology

A key feature of the AGRIMAX FORCE range is IF technology, which guarantees a limited impact of the machinery on the ground, ensuring the well-being of the soil. IF technology, reinterpreted by BKT, allows the machinery to enjoy a wider tyre footprint to achieve a high flotation capacity and a uniform distribution of loads at low pressures. These are measures that make it possible to significantly reduce soil compaction, ensuring a better water drainage and an increase in the air passage in order to provide the crop roots with all the necessary moisture and nutrients for their growth.

In addition, the tread design of the IF tyres improves driving efficiency by reducing transport cycles and maximizing field works thanks to an excellent traction that increases the yield per hectare. And all this without the need to change the tire pressure, which insures effective time savings.

Like all tyres equipped with IF technology, AGRIMAX FORCE is designed to guarantee a product life-cycle that is 10% longer than the standard equivalent solutions. Even in low-pressure use conditions, these tyres demonstrate their strength and resistance over time, both on rural soil and on the road.

Finally, IF technology favors the correct flexibility of this tyre, which helps maintain its structure even in the event of heavy stress, thanks also to the reinforced AGRIMAX FORCE casing, thus ensuring a maximum performance, efficiency and – last but not least – total driving comfort for the operator.


Case study: the Agriverde company of Cerro Maggiore

AGRIMAX FORCE represents a winning solution for high-power tractors above 250 hp: a combination of efficiency, resistance and flexibility but also – and above all – speed. In fact, this tyre is characterized by a speed rating D, which allows the machine to travel at up to 65 km/h without changing the tyre pressures when passing from field to road.

For these reasons, AGRIMAX FORCE is the reference solution for various users who choose to equip their tractors with these tyres, as in the case of the Agriverde company in Cerro Maggiore, in the province of Milan in northern Italy, which specializes in the sale of tractors and agricultural equipment, and in innovative harvest techniques.

In fact, with more than 15 years of experience on lands of different nature and configuration, the company has been able to offer its services with a lower environmental impact at a cost that is about 30% lower than that of traditional processing. This is possible thanks to the Agriverde operating mode, which consists in working the soil in a single phase before the sowing time instead of the traditional three phases.

The company has decided to replace the original tyres of its Fendt 936 Vario tractor by equipping it with AGRIMAX FORCE IF 710/60 R34 164 D on the front axle and IF 900/60 R42 180 D on the rear axle.

The result? BKT tyres allowed the user to benefit from extraordinarily long working hours, optimizing field works at low pressure (1.0 bar on the front tyres and 1.3 bar on the rear tyres) for over 3,200 hours of work.

This was possible also thanks to a correct support area of the vehicle, which allowed to perfectly distribute the weight of the tractor and to unload all the weight onto the ground.



AGRIMAX FORCE has been so appreciated that it has encouraged BKT to continuously expand the available sizes. There are now 20 different sizes in the catalog.

In 2019, the brand even developed the largest size ever made by BKT for an agricultural tyre, launching the IF 750/75 R 46 with a diameter of 2.30 meters; this solution meets the needs of modern agriculture and the growing demand for equipment for increasingly powerful tractors.

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