UK new tractor numbers jump 13% in March

The UK based Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) has reported an upturn in agricultural tractor registrations (over 50hp) in recent months which continued into March, normally the peak month for registrations each year. AEA has reported that 2,085 new tractors were registered this March across the UK, a 15% increase over the March 2020 figure.

AEA reports that this is the highest monthly total for any month since March 2012 (and the first time over 2,000 machines have been registered in a single month in that time).

The March increase brings the total number of new tractors registered in the UK market, which includes Northern Ireland for the first quarter of 2021 to 3,259 registrations, 13% more than in the opening quarter of 2020.

The increased sales of new tractors in the UK are boosting supplies of second-hand tractors for the Irish market. The first quarter Irish market figures showed 1,371 used tractor imports, the highest first quarter used tractor registration figure in more than 10 years. Increased used tractor supplies are typically released for the Irish market in higher numbers when UK market sales of new tractors increase.

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