Volta Trucks on a mission to be world’s most sustainable truck manufacturer

By 2025, Volta aims to remove 180,000 tonnes of CO2 from city centres. The Volta Zero is the world’s first road vehicle to use sustainably sourced carbon-neutral Flax and biodegradable resin composite in exterior body components.
The natural composite was developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and is used in the world’s most competitive motor racing series.
“Sustainability is at the very core of our business. Saving the planet cannot wait, it must happen now, and Volta Trucks wants to spearhead the rapid change in large commercial vehicles, from outdated diesel to clean and safe technological solutions”, Carl-Magnus Norden, founder of Volta Trucks.
With the launch of the Volta Zero, the first purpose-built full electric large commercial vehicle designed for inner city deliveries, Volta Trucks has adopted a holistic and comprehensive approach to sustainability, going far beyond just tailpipe emissions.

Full electric drivetrain.
Volta Trucks aims to mitigate the environmental impact of logistics and freight deliveries that forms the commercial lifeblood of large metropolitan cities. Thanks to its full-electric drivetrain and 160-200KWh of battery power, the Volta Zero will operate for 150-200kms delivering freight and parcels across the world’s cities in a clean and efficient way.
By 2025 operators of Volta Trucks will eliminate around 180,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent annual CO2 usage of 24,000 houses. And thanks to its the silent electric operation, the Volta Zero will also improve a city’s noise pollution and enable 24-hour usage for its operator.

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