Vaderstad innovation improves Temp plant performance

Tempo planting performance has been improved due to the introduction of a unique stop wheel designed with rubber spokes to absorb external pressure, thus helping seed-to-soil contact at very high planting speeds.
Väderstad ProStop stop wheel is designed to flex in its core so that the contact between it and the seed is never affected, whilst minimising sidewall compaction in the seed furrow.
“The result is an even emergence and greater yield potential over the entire field,” says
Väderstad senior vice president sales and marketing Mattias Hovnert. “The main task of a stop wheel is to ensure an optimal seed-to-soil contact, by precisely placing each seed at the bottom of the seed furrow.
“When meeting external forces, a traditional stop wheel absorbs shocks by slightly flattening its outer wheel profile. This jeopardizes its ability to deliver seed-to-soil contact, while also creating sidewall compactions in the seed furrow.
“Since the ProStop wheel absorbs shocks within its core instead of its outer wheel profile, it is able to increase planting performance even further. It seamlessly works together with the Tempo seed meter to give the seed optimal conditions for growth.”
The new Väderstad ProStop stop wheel will be available as an option for all Tempo planters from June 2020, and will be available as a retrofit on all Tempo models from model year 2020.

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