New Holland releases new UltraFeed grass pick-up for restyled New Holland FR harvesters

New Holland is introducing a renewed version of its grass pick-up, the UltraFeed, on its refreshed FR forage harvester range for 2024. Presented in 3.0m, 3.5m and 4.0m working widths, the UltraFeed pick-up is designed to enhance crop flow to allow each FR forage harvester model to handle the biggest crop volumes and exploit the full capacity of the large chopping cylinder and the engine that powers it.

“We have used our vast worldwide experience in all kinds of swathed crops to design this new grass pick-up,” says Henrik Aaskov Hansen, Global Product Manager for New Holland self-propelled forage harvesters and headers. “Our engineers’ aim was to perfect the crop flow, with an even, direct feed to the forage harvester, for greater throughput and more productivity.” The result is a pick-up that will enhance the already outstanding performance of New Holland’s current FR and grass pickup family.

A new auger design with a belt driven, heavy-duty driveline matches the capacity and reduced maintenance needs while minimizing risk of crop wrapping. Other advantages include reduced maintenance need, longer service life and greater operator comfort during long days, from the even crop flow when chopping.

A single large roller windguard provides swath pre-compression, for even feeding in light crops and helping avoid bulldozing in dense swaths. It opens up to 160 cm for easy access to the header if necessary. A see-through mesh provides a clear view of crop flow into the header, and LEDs illuminate the auger and feed rolls in low light conditions.

Upgraded hardware on the new cam-track pick-up reel eases replacement tine installation, cutting replacement time to just 1.5 minutes. A more compact reel gearbox provides a 25% increase in reel speed where needed, matching the pick-up’s higher capacity. For hands-off servicing, optional auto-greasing ensures exactly the right amount of grease is applied at exactly the right intervals.

New Holland test results underline the capacity benefits of UltraFeed upgrades, says Mr Aaskov Hansen: “During our extensive validation campaign, we have seen significant throughput improvements in all crop conditions and at all chopping lengths. “Our heritage and long experience in forage harvesters shows that customers want to have more and more horsepower, and that it is crucial that all machines run at highest capacity and speed without blockages, spillages or risk of failure – or extended planned or unplanned maintenance stops. Therefore, UltraFeed designers focused on maximising daily productivity, resulting in up to 10% more productive time during a day’s work.”

Feedbacks from customers during trials and test held all over the globe confirmed improvements both in productivity, operator experience, and in-cab comfort, with statements made expressing accolades for the design and performance of the UltraFeed pick-up.


Sharp new look for FR models

Having evolved significantly since their 2007 launch, the latest New Holland FR series forage harvesters have undergone a complete design revolution, with significant technical, structural and aesthetic advances. Revealed at Agritechnica 2023, the updated 2024 FR series are identifiable by their refreshed ‘Inspired by Nature’ New Holland signature styling, concealing multiple technology updates. These include the VariBlade  variable pitch/reversible engine fan, updated DuraCracker crop processing rolls, coated for extended wear resistance, and IntelliField inter-vehicle data-sharing, plus an updated NutriSense system to help produce full overview of nutritional value of the crop going into the clamp, for the best possible silage.


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