UK tractor sales drop 20% this year

UK registrations of agricultural tractors moved back above last year’s level and close to the seasonal average in November, according to the latest report from the UK’s Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA). The latest figures show that 638 new tractors were registered in November, bringing the monthly total up by 22%, with more than 100 extra tractors registered this November compared with November 2019.

This means that total UK new tractor registrations are up 5% year on year over the last four months, although the total for the year to date is still nearly 20% lower than in the equivalent period last year, following the sharp decline in the spring.


UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – November 2020

Month :                              638 Units           +22.2% change (compared with Nov 2019)

Year to Date:                     9,179 Units        -19.6% change (compared with Jan-Nov 2019)

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