The results are in… Audi, Volkswagen and Tesla are the most popular with Irish EV buyers

To celebrate World EV Day, Carzone examined the attitudes towards electric vehicles and who is top-of-the-list of their most viewed electric vehicles.

Friday 9th September is World EV Day, to celebrate, Carzone, has been looking into the growing interest and trend towards electric vehicles. Examining the 2022 Carzone EV search data, the results show the Audi e-tron, Volkswagen ID.4 and Tesla Model 3 are Ireland’s most viewed on the site so far this year, followed by the Nissan Leaf, and the Hyundai Ioniq completing the top five*.

As fuel prices are rising again and people become more eco conscious making the switch to an electric vehicle has never been more appealing. Carzone recently conducted market research on Irish sentiment towards electric vehicles, with over half (56%) of those surveyed stating they are considering purchasing an EV, the shift toward electric driving is building momentum in Irish society.

Given the constant fluctuating highs of fuel costs, it is unsurprising that 53% of motorists cite cheaper running costs as their main motivation to purchase, closely followed by an EV’s lesser impact on our planet (30%). Yet, the cost of an electric vehicle is still a pain point for drivers, with 69% of motorists saying the initial purchase cost was a barrier for them with, as well as concerns around range-anxiety and ease of charging.

Although EV interest is building amongst Irish drivers, there is currently approximately 60,000 EVs on Irish roads. The rise in electric vehicle sales continues and they made up 13 % of new car sales far in 2022. In July, the government announced its plans to speed up the EV switch by announcing a range of new grants for home EV chargers and the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets, even offering businesses a three-month free trial of an electric vehicle. The incentives are part of The Climate Action Plan, which aims to have 945,000 EVs on the road by 2030.

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