Steyr leads the Austrian market again in 2023

Steyr has reaffirmed its dominant position in the Austrian tractor market for over seven decades, bolstered by a surge in the number of tractor registrations.

The top-selling model was the STEYR 6150 Profi CVT, a six-cylinder, 150hp all-round tractor equipped with Steyr’s S-Control™ CVT continuously-variable transmission, designed to provide maximum fuel efficiency and operating ease across all applications.

“In challenging economic times, people rely on factors such as product quality, residual value, economic efficiency, engineering innovation and reliable dealer partners,” believes Gunnar Hauser, Steyr Business Director in Austria. “These influences have clearly driven the decisions of Austrian tractor buyers during 2023.

The best levels of service, modern and efficient technology are guaranteed by our leading global group’s experience, high-end production, and dedicated local dealer partners. However, choosing to buy a Steyr tractor goes beyond just purchasing a functional tool. It also involves an emotional commitment because the brand carries a long, rich history of more than 75 years”.

We must extend our gratitude to our primary production and engineering teams for their unwavering dedication to Steyr. Their commitment directly contributes to our remarkable results. Without their effort, we couldn’t have written our market leadership’s enduring success story.

Their relentless dedication plays a pivotal role in upholding the trust our customers have in us. It also ensures that we consistently provide our clients with first-class tractors they can rely on, no matter the circumstances.

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