North America tractor sales stay strong

Tractor and combine harvester sales in 2021 surpassed 2020 sales in all categories, in both the U.S. and Canada, according to the latest reports on the Ag Equipment Intelligence website. For U.S. equipment sales, this meant a continuation of an annual year-over-year sales growth, apart from a 2019 slight dip in combine sales. In Canada, 2021 the sales numbers reversed declines in several categories, specifically for 100+ horsepower and 4WD tractors, as well as combines.

Sales of new 100+ horsepower tractors rose by 24.1% compared with the 2020 numbers while Canadian sales were up by 33.6%. North American combine harvester sales also showed notable increases, 6,272 new combines were sold in the U.S. in 2021 up by 24.7% in 2020 when 5,030 were sold. Canadian combine sales were up by 23.1% to 1,786 units compared with sales of 1,451 units in 2020.

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