Kuhn Merge Maxx 440 F allows swathing without driving over the forage

The Merge Maxx 440 F is Kuhn’s first front-mounted belt rake and it has been designed to optimize forage transport and formation of the side windrow. The belt tension adjustment is centralized and tool-free.

The 3m pick-up width with a windrow delivery over approximately 1.40m, claims to offer all the versatility that makes the MERGE MAXX range so successful. The delivery can be done on 1 or 2 sides, claiming to be ideal for optimizing the formation of the rear windrow and thus facilitate the following operations. It is also allows for separating of large windrows for easier drying.

With the separate delivery, forage is distributed between both sides (a KUHN exclusive), resulting in a rear central windrow of very homogeneous shape and density, whatever rear machine is used. Thus, baling of round bales is facilitated, wrapping of perfectly cylindrical bales being favourable to their conservation as well as their storage

The small-diameter pick-up, with its WINDGUARD reel, optimizes forage collection, lift and transfer to the belts. Depending on the forage volume, the WINDGUARD roller reel self-adjusts up / down to achieve the best forage flow to the belts.


The Kuhn Merge Maxx 440 F offers a variety of uses. Complementing the Merge Maxx 760, 950 and 1090 models, the new model is a front-mounted belt rake that can be used either alone or in combination with the other belt rakes or with a twin-rotor rake. The Merge Maxx 440 F is equipped with two belts, one meter deep, on which the forage is optimally transported and deposited laterally as a swath. The belt tension is adjusted centrally and without tools. The rake picks up the forage with its pick-up at a width of three meters and deposits it in a swath approx. 1.40 meters wide. The swath can be deposited either on one or on two sides.

The small-diameter pick-up with hold-down windguard picks up the forage, lifts it and transports it evenly to the conveyor belt. As it moves up and down, the Windguard roller crop press adjusts itself automatically to the amount of forage available, so that an optimum crop flow to the belt is always ensured.

A pressure gauge that monitors the swath function and is visible to the driver, so that high loads are easily monitored. The rear cover of the feed transport channel is made of transparent material to give the driver an excellent view of the crop flow while working.

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