Case IH celebrates 100 years of Farmall

Recently, Case IH kicked off global celebrations honouring the 100-year anniversary of the Farmall tractor. The iconic Farmall model was initially introduced in 1923 as the all-purpose tractor designed to revolutionise the agriculture industry.

These celebrations will take place during a year-long, multi-faceted campaign anchored in the concept of Farmall being “The One For All”. Through social media, video stories and a dedicated microsite, everyone will get the opportunity to learn more about the history and continuous evolution of Farmall.

“In 1923, we set out to design a tractor that could replace horses, and today, our Farmall still serves as the workhorse on farms across the globe,” said Scott Harris Case IH global brand president. “Generation after generation, Farmall has been a symbol of modern farming, and we’re excited to bring these stories to life over the course of 2023.”


Major milestones for Farmall include:

–           1923: International Harvester engineer Bert R. Benjamin designs the first Farmall prototype

–           1931: The F Series is presented for farmers with more acreage

–           1939: Second generation Farmall designed by Raymond Loewy

–           1941: Farmall introduces the world’s first diesel row crop tractor

–           1947: The 1,000,000th Farmall rolls off the line

–           1958: The most popular tractor in the US, the Farmall 560 is introduced

–           1965: First 2WD row crop tractor to exceed 100 horsepower is a Farmall

–           1971: Farmall goes global with tractors sold in 125 countries and components made in eight.

–           1974: Case IH sells its 5 millionth Farmall – the first tractor to ever reach that number


With the reintroduction of Farmall in 2003, Case IH has continued to expand the lineup of products spanning from 31 to 105 horsepower. The global Farmall legacy continues today with more than 30 models to choose from, and this iconic tractor series will continue to evolve alongside the customers who made this milestone possible.

“Case IH is committed to creating a sustainable and productive future,” continued Scott. “We are proud to have 100 years of Farmall as our legacy and we’re excited to be looking towards the next evolution of this tractor and what it will mean for our community of farmers worldwide.”




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