Buhler’s Versatile sold to Turkish tractor company

The Canadian based company, Buhler Industries with Russian ownership and owner of the Versatile tractor brand has been taken over by Asko Holding, the Turkish tractor manufacturer Başak Traktör. Başak Traktör acquired all of Buhler Industries’ debts to Rostselmash, the Russian owners. According a recent press release, the purchase price totals 60.5 million Canadian dollars (€41 million).

Başak Traktör is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asko Holding and bought 96.7 percent of the shares from the Russian Rostselmash Group, which owned the business since 2007.

The Versatile is not very well known in Europe, while it does produce combine harvesters, articulated and tracked tractors in stylish black, red and yellow colours.

Buhler Industries is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was established in 1932. Through a series of expansions, new products and acquisitions, the company has experienced progress and steady growth. Over the years, many brands have joined Buhler Industries, including Farm King, Allied, Inland and Versatile.

Today Buhler Industries operates several modern manufacturing plants and distribution centres. Factories in Morden and Winnipeg build tractors, augers, tillage, and compact implements. Buhler Industries maintains several well-stocked parts warehouses.

As Buhler Industries continues to re-invest in engineering, research and development and production, the company is moving forward. The dealer and distribution network in North America has a strong base and continues to grow.

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