Väderstad launches the Spirit 600c in-line combination drill

Väderstad has launched the Spirit 600C InLine combination high capacity seed drill for the Irish & UK market, complimenting the Nordic and Fix fertiliser application systems already in the Spirit range. The InLine-version of Spirit places a low fertiliser rate together with the seed in the seed furrow, providing the plant quicker nutrient uptake and shortening the time of emergence.

Separated airflow ensures fertiliser is distributed independently from the seed. The intensity of the airflow is easily adjusted, ensuring that both the seeds and fertiliser are placed with optimal precision. The InLine system is highly beneficial when working with moderate levels of fertilisers.

The fertiliser is metered with the Fenix electric metering system, which is the same unit used for the seed metering. It is both highly precise and non-corrosive. Split cells in the rotor and an angled exit from the metering unit, efficiently prevents any pulsing and ensures that all plants have the exact same access to fertiliser.

The new Väderstad Spirit 600C Inline is available from October 2021.


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