Steyr hybrid drivetrain concept shortlisted for major award

Shortlisted by DLG in Agrifuture Concept scheme / Study is development from original Konzept shown at Agritechnica 2019 / Key features may find their way onto future production tractors

STEYR® is set to reveal the next step in the development of its Konzept tractor, the Hybrid Drivetrain Konzept, following its shortlisting by the DLG in its Agrifuture Concept awards. From this shortlist, five concepts will be selected in a second round by the DLG-appointed jury of independent international experts. The digital awards ceremony will take place on 15th February 2022.

A new prize scheme from theAgritechnica organiser, the Agrifuture Concept awards focus on machines that offer the promise of significant technical progress over the coming decade, coupled with the realistic possibility of implementation. The STEYR Hybrid Drivetrain Konzept remains a conceptual study that will not enter production in itself but does include developments beyond those on the original Konzept tractor that may find their way onto production tractors in the future.

“We are really pleased that the STEYR Hybrid Drivetrain Konzept development has been shortlisted for this new award,” says Peter Friis, Head of STEYR Europe Commercial Operations.

“While not set for production as a whole, this study blends a number of technical developments that may appear on future STEYR tractors and underlines how we are always seeking to harness the very latest technology make our machines more productive for the customer.”

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