Steyr Absolut CVT enters production with new spec levels

A new chapter for STEYR Traktoren commences with the production of the powerful Absolut CVT series, with the first deliveries from March 2021 onwards. Complementing this range is the introduction of three exciting packages for the Absolut CVT; the Evolution, the Excellence and for the municipality sector, the Orange Package.

These new configurations are designed to simplify, at the point of ordering, the process of specifying an Absolut CVT tractor according to key customer requirements. Upon selecting a package there is the bonus of a pricing advantage to the customer. Custom configuration, for the hallmark STEYR fully-tailored feature-by-feature specification, remains available.

Visually and dynamically the new Absolut CVT models are very different to their predecessors. The styling of the new four model line-up; 6185 Absolut CVT (225hp), 6200 Absolut CVT (245hp), 6220 Absolut CVT (260hp) and 6240 Absolut CVT (270hp), with their respective maximum output with Engine Power Management, embraces the latest STEYR signature design. Impressive LED work light performance is a characteristic over the previous models. Comfort is taken to a new level on STEYR tractors with pneumatic cab suspension available for the first time. The new iteration of the highly efficient S-Control CVT transmission is enhanced with customisable driveline software. Around the Absolut CVT there are an abundance of smart features which assist with productivity and ergonomics. The Stage V FPT Industrial NEF67 engine powering the Absolut CVT is compatible with 100% HVO, a synthetic bio-fuel, with service intervals now reaching 750-hours, cementing the tractor’s eco-credentials.

Evolution Package

Distilling the rich specification of the STEYR Absolut CVT, the Evolution package selects the most commonly chosen features in a defined configuration with the option to upgrade. Contained within this package is the new front linkage, which shares hardware with its larger Terrus CVT stablemate, and there is the option to add a front PTO. The 150 l/min hydraulic pump is standard, with a 170 l/min option, supplying the four or five electro-hydraulic remote valves customers can choose from.

A four-speed rear PTO allied with a 10,463kg rear linkage lift capacity will ensure the Absolut CVT meets the biggest of implement requirements. There is the choice of the Deluxe or Active Luxury STEYR cab, with pneumatic cab suspension available as an upgrade. Powering the new 16 and 20 LED light options a 200-amp alternator is selected.

Excellence Package

The Excellence is the premium Absolut CVT package created to meet the highest customer requirements for maximum productivity and performance. This specification leans more towards automation, with features such as Front Linkage Management and Easy-Tronic II (Advanced Headland and electro-hydraulic remote management) as standard. In this configuration the Absolut CVT is STEYR S-Guide ready, which also includes variable ratio steering, with the option for the customer to choose from a variety of STEYR S-TECH guidance complete solutions.

Continuing the performance package theme, the 20 LED work light package is the preferred choice while pneumatic cab suspension is included – ensuring STEYR drivers can combat fatigue throughout the day and into the night. Hydraulic performance in this package is delivered by the 170l/min pump. For convenience, the Excellence package also specifies automatic linkage stabilisers and a hydraulic top link, now with an ergonomic latch and gauge for easier use.

Orange Package

For municipal users, it is also possible to specify the new STEYR Absolut CVT tractors with a comprehensive package of municipal frames and associated features in this new ‘Orange’ specification. This package, which will be available from April, is tailored specifically for municipal operators, with features that are more in line with the sector such as variable ratio steering, two-speed PTO and municipality light bar.

The Absolut CVT experience

The distinctive new look of the STEYR Absolut CVT tractors extends from the hood styling through to the cab exterior, with features such as front axle guards that double as service access steps, and easy-clean aluminium cab steps that conceal the unique hand-wash tank and egress lighting bringing several practical benefits to match, keeping everything clean, clear and easily accessible. The new powerful LED work lights provide brighter light and a greater coverage area for safer, easier and less tiring work at night. In addition, there are also LED fold-back beacons, which are not only stylish but practical and highly visible.

Excellent operator comfort

The pneumatic cab suspension fitted to Absolut CVT tractors is exclusive to the STEYR brand. Customers choosing to specify the optional factory-fitted system benefit from a cossetting ride superior to that from a passive mechanical system, providing smoother field travel, maximising operating ease while minimising fatigue. STEYR is well-known for providing a superior operator experience, and Absolut CVT tractors also feature automotive-grade cab interior materials, cooled storage, a new monitor rail with USB power sockets, an improved front wiper (with 60% increase in coverage) and an automotive-style self-cancelling indicator.

Enhanced driveability

The latest STEYR S-Control CVT features unique customisable transmission settings. STEYR engineers have developed the transmission software to improve acceleration/deceleration behaviour, shuttle modulation, drive pedal sensitivity, cruise control pedal override, and both the sensitivity and the position detection of the Multicontroller, as well as cruise control pedal override. It is also possible, via the intuitive S-Tech 700 display, to select the engine torque response and adjust according to operator preference and application requirements, and then store and recall the S-Control CVT settings as necessary.

In the field, the foot drive pedal override allows the driver to set a 2.5-10.0km/h speed increase over the target cruise control, useful for turning at the headland for example. The kickdown function speeds up transmission ratio change time for fast acceleration, while fast deceleration gives the option to bring the tractor quickly to a halt or, when deactivated, to slow it in the same manner as releasing pressure from the foot throttle. A fast stop feature can be programmed to bring the transmission swiftly to a stop, a feature particularly ideal for loader work.

Enhanced performance through technology

Absolut CVT tractors can avail of the optional full STEYR S-Fleet telematics package, to provide instant two-way transfer of data between the tractor and a smart device or farm PC.

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