SlurryKat adds new ‘Premium Plus’ range of trailing shoe injectors

Prices for the new Premium Plus trailing shoe range starts from £11,995.00 plus VAT.

A NEW Premium Plus range of trailing shoe slurry injectors has just been launched by manure handling equipment experts SlurryKat.
The latest release comes hot on the heels of the previous successful launches of the Farmline trailing shoes and the 2020 Duo dribble bar ranges from this forward thinking Northern Ireland manufacturer.
This new Premium Plus range of trailing shoe aligns with the company’s other ‘Premium’ line products such as the popular tanker range; a name tag that assures a build quality and specification that is “head and shoulders above the rest” according to SlurryKat CEO and principle design engineer Garth Cairns.
The new Premium Plus trailing shoe is a further development from the 2020 Duo dribble bar range which has been a real hit with agri contractors globally. This new trailing shoe range is a completely new design built range with no features or components repeated from the 2017 model.
It is designed for intensive use by contractors or large scale farms and will inter link with the company’s 1200m Bak Pak hose reeling system in a ‘piggy back’ arrangement.
A key feature of the unit is a reduction in weight of 28% from previous models. Garth said: “This was achieved by incorporating novel design features and using high grade steel which is 68 percent stronger than standard steel of the same thickness.
“We have integrated many laser cut, press formed components into the machine which further allow weight reduction without compromising on strength.
“We have invested heavily in our manufacturing processes in the last two years and this includes special design software that enables our engineers to implement complex design features and manufacturing processes.
“This innovation means we can now offer the market equipment that is innovative, lightweight and performs in a way that no other equipment can,” he added.
The new range is available in 7.5, 10 and 12 metre working widths. Both the 10 and 12 metre models feature an incorporated land wheel so the shoes follow the field contours perfectly; a feature that adds a great deal of ergonomics for the operator.
The folding and unfolding of the latest machine is performed by a sequence system with the outer booms in the 10 and 12 metre models folding back underneath in a gullwing type arrangement.

The entire beam of the unit oscillates and swings upwards meaning the shoes can be flipped up for headland turns without lifting the entire machine.
The shoes and springs design are also completely new with a cast hard wearing tip formed together with a neoprene nozzle for precise delivery of slurry to the ground. This new shoe arrangement was first seen on the company’s Farmline range and has now been incorporated onto the Premium models.
The unit can be tanker mounted on SlurryKat’s Premium Plus range and can also be fitted with an optional drag hose kit for umbilical use. The drag hose kit is also completely new with an integrated stainless steel swivel joint which allows 180 degree turns to be executed with ease.
Garth added: “We have spent a lot of time and effort bringing this new injector to completion to sit nicely alongside our other market leading slurry spreading lines.

“I see this new innovation pushing us even further in front of all our competitors in the industry. With my many years of contracting experience incorporated into the equipment, this allows our customers to be able to apply slurry with ease and in a way never experienced before.”
Prices for the new Premium Plus trailing shoe range starts from £11,995.00 plus VAT.

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