Powered by Cummins new XCMG Electric Excavator makes its debut

Cummins collaborated with XCMG, the Chinese-based and 4th largest construction machinery company in the world, to design and build the 3.5 ton electric excavator, which will serve as a technology demonstrator. Often operating on work sites in densely populated towns and cities around the globe, construction equipment must meet stringent emissions requirements and keep noise and disruption to a minimum while getting the job done. The new electric excavator is suitable for working conditions that require more stringent environmental standards and noise reductions.
Powered by Cummins BM5.7E battery modules, the excavator has 45 kWh of battery power. Each battery module is designed for very high shock and vibration capability to endure the harsh conditions of the construction environment. Precise matching between motor and hydraulic system creates an efficient, reliable and quiet drive system, making it ideal for use in urban and suburban construction.
On a single charge of less than six hours, the excavator meets operational needs for a full 8-hour shift. Short charge time means that equipment can be charged overnight, eliminating downtime and taking advantage of off-peak energy savings.

Construction & Collaboration
Last October Cummins and XCMG cemented their long-standing relationship by signing a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement ensures close collaboration on developing and integrating comprehensive product lines, value chain and global operations, creating new applications, exploring new markets and sharing resources on research and development for continuous improvement.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…
XCMG excavatorThe XCMG electric excavator powered by Cummins made its debut at this year’s ConExpo, North America’s largest construction show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The excavator earned its descriptor as “beautiful” because it won the award for the most beautiful machine at ConExpo! Beating some tough contenders to the top spot, the excavator was voted the fairest of them all, and we couldn’t agree more.
After its win in Vegas, the excavator is now back in China where it will be used in a series of performance and customer tests conducted by Cummins and XCMG, to prove capability of the demonstrator and refine a robust solution for the market.

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