Kverneland has impressive Ploughing 2022 plans

Kverneland Group Ireland will be showcasing its professional range of machinery at this year’s World Ploughing Championship. The product offering of 5m and 6m Qualidiscs Disc Harrows and U-drill joins new Product launches of the RT880 Merger and 5387 MT triple mowers on the stand.

“This year we’re committed to showing our top of the range products in each category to underline our ambition to increase awareness of the quality and depth of the company’s portfolio,” says Philip English, Managing Director, Kverneland Group Ireland.

Sales Company of the Year 2021

“Coming into this year we have a special reason to be confident, not only in our market offering but in the Kverneland Group Ireland team. The company’s performance last year resulted in winning the Sales Company of the Year 2021. We performed strongly in a number of key strategic areas with increasing market share, for example, our successful expansion of the Kverneland baler range to include the 6500F fixed chamber baler. This achievement is awarded by the Kverneland Group management and voted on by our colleagues across the entire Group so it’s extremely gratifying to have the success of the team recognized”, says Philip.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the award can only now, belatedly, be presented to the Company on the Kverneland stand at the Championships by Mr. Yasukazu Kamada, President and CEO of Kverneland Group accompanied by Mr.Arild Gjerde, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing on the first day of the show.


Harvest New Product Launches 5387 MT and 5387 MT BX

With the continued growth of the triple mower market, Kverneland are expanding their range with two new triple mower conditioner combinations. These new 8.75M combinations, the 5387 MT and the 5387 MT with belts, feature the company’s patented QuattroLink, “racecar” suspension. The mowing unit is pulled by four suspension arms fitted onto a fixed carrying arm that allows the mowing unit to float independently over the field, adjusting highly accurately and instantly to any changes in ground contours.

“We’ve kept this important feature in the new models now offered as a fixed arm solution with a compact build at an extremely competitive price point for the Irish market. We have bridged the gap between our entry-level triple mowers, the 5087’s MT and 5090’s and the top of the range 53100MT BX 10.2m working width Vario arm. The triple mower range now has a solution for the self-sufficient farmer right up to the busy contractor” finishes John Doyle, Harvest Product Manager.


ROC Merger

With the introduction of the ROC merger to the Irish market, Kverneland widens the product offering in harvesting of forage. “We believe this machine is unmatched with regards to efficiency and build quality,” says John. “The ROC merger ensures clean forage with substantially reduced pollution of the swath. This means your baler or harvester will manage far more efficiently with less wear and tear and your stock will appreciate its quality. All the research suggests better quality silage means higher average daily milk yields and improved milk composition, a persistent objective for all dairy farmers, ” finishes John.



On the tillage front, Arable Product Manager Leonard Hovenden, continues the roll out of the company’s latest offering on ploughs, drills and disc harrows. Kverneland has a full range of professional equipment for all requirements, and the company is using this event as a showcase of some of their larger equipment, geared towards the larger arable farmer and contractor. “With so many factors to consider, time and weather constraints, operational pressures and increasing government legislation, the requirement of larger machines is increasingly relevant. Kverneland believe by offering this larger equipment and optimizing efficiency and output, environmental impacts can be reduced,” says Leonard Hovenden, arable product manager.


3300 S Variomat

The 3300 S range of reversible mounted ploughs feature the company’s recent innovations carried over from the award winning 2500 S iplough range. The aero profile leg, centrally adjusted skimmers, new design of Auto reset leaf spring system and the TTS (trailer transport solution that allows the plough to follow the tractor like a trailer when in transport for increased safety).


Kverneland 6M U-drill

The Kverneland u-drill is a trailed seed drill combination available in working widths of 3.0m rigid and 4.0m and 6.0m folding to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. This seed drill combination, designed with the lowest weight possible requires relatively low pulling force. Also offered is the U-drill plus, the plus stands for the extra feature of the grain and fertiliser version to apply either grain and fertiliser or, alternatively, two different sorts of seeds at the same time. The divided hopper equipped with two metering devices achieves this.


5M Qualidisc – Disc Harrow

With the introduction of the New Generation Qualidiscs range from 3m rigid up to 7m folding version, Kverneland has improved the performance of Qualidiscs Farmer and Pro models. This is achieved by adjusting the disc section arrangement to improve the penetration that ensures complete cutting of the soil surface and enhancing the levelling effect on each side. This extremely flexible disc harrow allows shallow or deeper cultivation, seedbed preparation or cover crop seeding, which all require excellent penetration, cutting, levelling and consolidation performance.

To complete the stand also on display will be the Kverneland FastBale and Mounted A12 Sprayer, Siloking Feeders, McConnel Hedgecutters and Robocut RC56.


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