John Deere introduces brand new Draper header line-up

John Deere has expanded its header line-up for combine harvesters to include the brand new HD Hinged Drapers range.

John Deere has expanded its header line-up for combine harvesters to include the brand new HD Hinged Drapers range, new HydraFlex Drapers and a BP15 Belt Pickup. Each is compatible with the new John Deere X-Series and most S-Series, T-Series and W-Series combines, to help achieve maximum harvesting capacity while minimising grain losses in a wide range of crops and conditions.
John Deere HDX (Hinged Draper EXtended Table) Drapers are claimed to be ideal for small grains and oilseed rape growers who want to maximise their combine’s performance across various crops, changing conditions and uneven or rolling terrain while capturing more grain. “The HDX has a new hinged frame that provides unmatched terrain following capability with twice the wing range of a MacDon FD1 FlexDraper, with uniform cut height when harvesting on undulating or uneven terrain,” says John Deere product marketing manager Jonathan Edwards. The HDX provides wing tip travel of up to 300cm and features an extra deep belt design of 1200mm, 12 per cent more than the nearest competitor.
An HDX Draper will help unlock more of the combine’s harvesting capacity and capture more grain from the field, especially when harvesting down or lodged crops, according to Edwards. “Designed specifically for European customers, these easy-to-use drapers effectively pick up and sweep the down or lodged crop across the cutterbar to recover more of the crop, thanks to a consistent distance between the reel fingers and cutterbar, an increased reel range and higher reel drive motor torque. Up until now customers have had to compromise between draper feeding technology and overall performance in oilseed rape. The HDX is the first draper we have ever tested in rapeseed that would outperform an auger header in terms of rated capacity and maximum throughput.”
HDX Drapers are fitted with patented John Deere grain-saver draper belts as standard. Together with the fingered top augers, these belts can reduce oilseed rape cutterbar and pod shatter loss by up to 25 per cent when compared with traditional draper systems. HDX Drapers are available in cutting widths from 10.7 to 13.7m (35 to 45ft).
John Deere has also launched the HDR (Hinged Draper Rigid Knife) model. This is aimed at farmers growing little or no oilseed rape and is available in sizes from 10.7 to 15.2m (35 to 50ft).
The new John Deere RDF (Rigid Draper Flex Knife) HydraFlex Drapers are based on the field-proven cutting technology of the existing 700FD model, while providing new features to reduce grain loss. RDF HydraFlex Drapers are compatible with the new X-Series plus S-Series, T-Series and W-Series combines, and are compatible with models dating back to 2012.
All RDF HydraFlex Drapers feature a new two-speed centre feed section that allows operators to slow down the feed drum and centre feed belt by 20 per cent. “This puts more grain in the tank by reducing free grain loss – operators can easily go from high to low speed to save easy shelling crops such as soybeans,” says Edwards. “Two centre feed belt options are available as standard equipment to optimise the RDF HydraFlex Draper for multiple crops and conditions.”

These drapers continue to use the field-proven John Deere four-inch double-cut, dual driveshaft HydraFlex cutterbar. The knife system provides industry leading cutting performance by making 1980 cuts per minute with a flex range of 190mm to enable faster harvesting speeds.
John Deere is also offering the BP15 (Belt Pickup) for small grains and oilseed growers who need to harvest swathed crops with an X-Series, S-Series or T-Series combine. “These new belt pickups deliver a 20 per cent faster feed rate than the Deere 615P, to easily handle high-volume crops in tough conditions,” says Edwards. “Compared with the 615P, this new pickup has a wider opening with adjustable feed auger flighting and tines that allow the platform to harvest more hectares per hour. When used with an X9 combine, for example, the BP15 can handle nine hectares of oilseed rape per hour.”
The BP15 features improved feed rate adjustability to handle large or bulky crops, with a standard two-speed auger drive sprocket delivering the increased feed rate that is ideal for harvesting oilseed rape. A slower speed feed rate can be used for less bulky crops such as cereals and grass seed. A factory installed crop shield minimises grain loss by preventing crop from building up and laying on the feederhouse.
“Operators will spend less time making adjustments and more time harvesting,” says Edwards. “For example, no tools are needed to adjust the height of the large, 510mm gauge wheels for varying windrow conditions and crop types.”
Each of the new drapers, auger platforms and the belt pickup come with a header control unit (HCU) that communicates seamlessly with the combine. The HCU saves header specific factory calibration settings and collects and sends header width information to the combine for accurate yield mapping. “The HCU also detects and reports header specific diagnostic codes and tracks hours of use and maintenance intervals,” says Edwards.
John Deere dealers will start taking orders for the drapers and belt pickup later this summer.

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