HARDI NANODRIFT nozzles reduce drift at higher volume rates

The newly developed HARDI NANODRIFT air injection nozzle is claimed to be a revolutionary design, with test results by the JKI institute in Germany showing a 90% drift reduction. By dramatically reducing drift at higher wind speeds, HARDI NANODRIFT can significantly reduce environmental impact.

Reducing the need for changing nozzles

By working at a pressure range from 1.0 – 6.0 bar, the nozzle allows the farmer to operate within a wide range of spraying speeds. This means a reduction in work hours by alleviating the frequent need to change nozzles while in the field.

The unique single jet design minimises the risk of dirt blockage while being easy to clean from the top of the nozzle. With the colour tip option, the one-unit handling will ease the mounting and de[1]mounting of the nozzle. This single jet design also allows the nozzle to be operated on both TWIN and conventional boom systems.

The compact design of the HARDI NANODRIFT nozzle ensures that it is completely protected by the booms’ steel or aluminium structure.

A nozzle for all sprayer brands

The HARDI NANODRIFT nozzle fits precisely in the HARDI ISO nozzle cap, allowing the new

design to be fitted on most field sprayers sold today. This means that the design is available to a wider range of farmers looking to improve drift reduction.

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