Fella launches new RAMOS 3160 FP mower generation

Just in time for the start of the season, FELLA is launching the next generation of the RAMOS 3160 FP front-mounted oscillating linkage range, which has a working width of 3.10 m and a robust spur gear cutter bar. The mower, which has been developed from scratch, is available with or without a conditioner and the corresponding direct headstocks. The optimised short distance from the tractor means that lighter tractors can be used and ensures stable guidance and maximum relief of the unit. The finely adjustable, spring-centred oscillating linkage with optional hydropneumatics and large pendulum travel ensure optimal ground adaptation and high stability when the mower unit is raised. This protects the sward and achieves high forage quality, as well as making the machine safe for use on the field and the road. Their numerous features and wide selection of accessories underline the versatility and convenience of this series.

The completely redesigned RAMOS FP mower range with a working width of 3.10 m has a shorter direct headstock than its predecessor supplied as standard. Meanwhile, a suitable trestle has been designed for models with a tine-rotor and roller conditioner. This optimised distance ensures a compact combination of the tractor and the machine, with a centre of gravity that is close to the tractor. This improves mower guiding, reduces the load on the towing tractor and mower, and favours the use of lighter tractors. This range of mowers has a wide variety of combination options since it has three coupling points on the upper link, two on the lower links, as well as counterclockwise and clockwise adjustment. In addition, to ensure constant, optimal adaptation of the contact pressure and therefore a low level of forage contamination, the mower can be fitted with a spring-based or hydropneumatic relief of the unit. Its extended pendulum travel of +/- 7.5° enables the mower to follow the ground contour even on hilly and sloping terrain. Moreover, on roads, the finely adjustable spring-centring system reliably prevents the mower from rocking. The machine’s new centrepiece is the robustly designed and flat spur gear cutter bar, which ensures an even cut and optimal forage flow. The new drive concept’s efficient power transfer enables fuel-efficient mowing at a reduced speed of 850 rpm and even the use of tractors with lower horsepower.


The details make all the difference

On the readily accessible left-hand side, the new FP mower is equipped with a blade box for replacement blades and a quick-change blade system key as standard. The key independently holds the mower disc in the open position so that blades can be changed using two hands. This increases occupational safety and convenience, as well as reducing downtime and maintenance time. To make maintenance and cleaning work easier, the front guard can be locked in various positions using a handle and without the need for tools. A strip made from stable plastic ensures safe handling and provides the mower with all-round protection against minor damage caused by collisions. Moreover, the new mower can be fitted with side guards that can be hydraulically folded. This means that the machine can be quickly and conveniently changed from the working position to the transport position from the tractor seat. The mowers are pre-fitted with a camera bracket to ensure that the machine is already equipped for new or country-specific safety requirements. Moreover, the drive shaft is secured by a drive shaft holder that can be folded autonomously, meaning that it is always ready to hand and does not end up in the dirt.


Perfectly prepared

The new front-mounted mower is available in two conditioner versions with a direct drive. Both the RAMOS 3160 FP-KC and the RAMOS 3160 FP-RC models are fitted with a perpendicular drive shaft and a spur gearbox with overload protection. This combination enables power to be directly transferred with high efficiency. By individually setting the intensity of the conditioners, it is quick and easy to respond to changing harvesting and weather conditions. The roller conditioner can be set using the variable contact pressure of the rubber rollers. Meanwhile, the adjustable counter-comb on the tine-rotor conditioner can be put in four positions without the need for tools. The swath width and the distance between the swath plate and tractor can also be continuously adjusted.

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