AGRICULTURE 4.0? BKT Responds with the floatation range

Digitalization, technology and sustainability, or, in other words, agriculture 4.0. We are talking about the trend that is having the widest-ranging impact on the agricultural sector. Not only a trend but also the only way to the future.

The aim? To revolutionize operations carried out in the field by using advanced technologies to increase efficiency, the sustainability of activities and production quality.

One of the cornerstones of this new era of agriculture is the automatic collection, integration and analysis of data directly from the field. This happens thanks to particular technologies which make valuable information available to farmers, supporting them in the decision-making process for their work and their relationship with others in the supply chain.

Today, thanks to the development of digital technologies, it is moreover possible to collect data that covers environmental, climatic and soil-related factors. All this allows farmers to intervene in a targeted way, making work processes more effective and complying with the due timeframes.

The precision agriculture of recent years, combined with the potential of digital, thus shows us a new approach to work in the field, where sustainability becomes a central element in all operations.

Agricultural machinery and equipment, including tyres, are also at the heart of this revolution. The BKT Flotation range responds to the needs dictated by Agriculture 4.0 and to the new challenges in production and sustainability.

“This is the series of tires with a high technological content, designed to reduce the compaction of the soil, a phenomenon that is due to the load that weighs on the tyres themselves. Thanks to the flotation properties of these products, soil compaction is reduced – explains Denis Piccolo, Product Manager at BKT – which means: less alteration of its structure. This ensures a better exchange of nutritional components in the soil, better aeration capacity and water drainage. All this translates into greater productivity.

Another key feature of these tyres is their versatility, which allows users to move smoothly over long distances and on different terrains, thus facilitating their work.”

Thanks to their footprint and traction, BKT Flotation tyres claim to allow significant fuel savings, improving cost efficiency.


In particular, the following products stand out:

V-FLEXA, a radial tire designed for agricultural trailers which incorporates VF (Very High Flexion) technology, thanks to which it is possible to transport heavy loads with tyre pressure that is 30% lower than a standard tyre of the same size.

This latest generation product is also characterized by a tread equipped with steel belts that makes the casing more resistant, thus preventing tears and penetration by foreign bodies. It is currently available in the VF 600/55 R 26.5 size to which the VF 600/65 R 26.5, VF 650/55 R 26.5 and VF 560/60 R 22.5 sizes have been added, all recently launched on the market.


FL 633 PERFORMA is the solution dedicated to trucks for agricultural use and designed to improve performance. Extreme resistance, durability and load capacity make this tyre one of the flagship products in the Flotation range, perfect for multiple activities in the fields and even for travelling on highways at up to 100 km/h. It is available in the 600/50 R 22.5 size.


Among the solutions in this range there is also RIDEMAX FL 699 equipped with a reinforced bead which guarantees better stability even at high speeds and is particularly suitable for road applications with trailers and tankers. This All Steel radial tire also guarantees an extraordinarily comfortable ride, having been designed for 90% road use, but at the same time also offers excellent performance in the field. Available in the 24 R 20.5 size and in the new 525/65 R 20.5 size.


The BKT Flotation range includes numerous other tyres, including FL 630 SUPER, FL 630 ULTRA, FL 635, FL 637, FL 639, RIDEMAX FL 690 and RIDEMAX FL 693 M, each with specific features designed to meet users’ different applications and needs.

BKT’s range of Flotation models and sizes is increasingly wide and includes innovative design through increasing attention paid to environmental sustainability. Hence the study of every possible solution involving respect for the soil – when it comes to agriculture, through the reduction of consumption/CO2. This approach accompanies the constant customer focus, an aspect which end users of course appreciate.

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