A successful model celebrates its 20th anniversary

This year Krone celebrates 20 years of production of the Big X silage harvester range.

Twenty years back, on 20 May 2000, the first Krone forage harvester named Big X rolled out of the Krone factory in Spelle. The self-propelled machine that embarked on the first few trial runs was a 40km/h high-speed version that was communicated as 540hp titan. The new Big X topped the Krone machine programme that since 2000 has covered the entire forage harvesting chain.
Available with the EasyFlow grass pick-up and the EasyCollect maize header, Big X was built on the input of contractors and machinery rings. Accordingly, the machine that was launched 20 years ago, offered a number of features that have since been copied by its competitors. These include the 40km/h transport speed and fully hydrostatic and stepless drives on all four wheels. Further technical features are the 397kW/540hp engine, six pre-compression rollers, a 750mm diameter and 830mm wide chopping drum with 32 V-shaped blades. Designed to deliver maximum throughputs, Big X is built to a modular concept that gives quick access to all major assemblies.
By the way, Big X actually had the 605hp engine from the very beginning, but Krone didn’t want to communicate such a high horsepower on a forager, fearing that back in 2000 customers would perceive a more than 600hp engine as clearly oversized for such a machine. By today, Krone has sold around 5300 BiG X units, now offering eight different versions and two series ranging from the smallest Big X 480 (490hp) to the flagship Big X 1180 (1156hp). Over the past 20 years, the forage specialist has developed a large number of innovative and unique selling features for the Big X that have contributed significantly to its success. The most outstanding features include AutoScan, AutoStop, the biogas drum, ConstantPower, EasyLoad, the lift cab, OptiMaxx CornConditioner with 305mm diameter, VariStream, VariQuick, VariLOC and XtraPower that was presented only at last Agritechnica in 2019.
Krone equipment is imported into Ireland by Farmhand Ltd.

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