New Holland launches new T5S and upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle

New Holland is expanding its range of T5 tractors, with the new T5S mid-size utility models and with the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle. The target of this new range is to provide the 90-120´hp segment with new, robust, powerful and easy to use machines that ensure the maximum level of performance and productivity to get the job done, in all conditions.

Both T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle are extremely versatile tractors with a wheelbase of 2350 mm and a weight of approximately 4tons, offering a high performance and easy to use features. These models further enhance the broader T5 range from 80-140hp, to include the T5 Utility DualCommand, T5 ElectroCommand, T5 DynamicCommand & T5 AutoCommand.

The new subranges have very performing engines in common, together with ATS and hydraulic systems, but differ in overall dimensions, weight, axles and tyre offering, and they have a significant difference in the cab.

Both models feature a FPT F5 Stage V four-cylinder engine with 3.6-litre displacement. The optimized design of the turbocharger and pistons guarantees strong performance and fuel efficiency, with maximum power delivered at just 1900 rpm and best-in-class maximum torque (450 Nm for the T5.100S and 506 Nm for the T5.120 Utility Powershuttle) delivered at a low 1300 rpm, with excellent torque rise of up to 47% for rapid recovery under load.

The tractors incorporate an exhaust after-treatment system that integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction unit in a single, maintenance-free, compact solution that fits completely under the hood, ensuring perfect visibility and maneuverability, high ground clearance and easy loader installation.

The tractors have a 600-hour engine service interval, and all daily maintenance can be easily carried out only from left-hand side.


Performance and productivity to get the job done

The T5S features a choice of 12×12 or an optional 20×20 creeper mechanical or powershuttle transmission for smooth and rapid direction changes without using the clutch. On the other hand, the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle comes with a Powershuttle only transmission that ensures smooth and rapid direction changes without using the clutch.

Both T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle mount an hydraulic system that features twin pumps: a 36 L/min pump dedicated to the steering and a second one with up to 82 L/min for the services. The new MegaFlow™ pump, is able to ensure faster loader cycle times and fast raising and lowering of implements. Complementing this is a 540/540E/1,000rpm electro-hydraulically engaged PTO with soft start activation, eco function and ground speed ability. Up to three hydraulic remote outlets can be specified, all with push-pull system for easy connection. T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle tractors can be ordered with an integrated front loader-ready package from the factory and further options include factory-fitted front hitch and PTO.


The 2 new models differ in the type of front axle, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and maximum rear tires that make the new offering ideal to target different customers: the ones searching for a lighter versatile tractor could focus more on T5S while the ones looking for a larger and heavier utility tractor could appreciate the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle.


T5S features a lighter Class 1 HD axle with a flange-to-flange width of 1584mm, while the T5 Utility Powershuttle features a Class 1.5 HD Large axle with a flange-to-flange width of 1789mm, which makes the tractor ideal also for the heaviest jobs with loader. The GVW is different and is for T5S 6,5 tons and for T5 Utility Powershuttle 7 tons.

About the maximum size of rear tires the T5S could mount R34 (SRI 750) while, for the first time, upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle, could mount R38 (SRI 800) rear tires.

Both tractors can be ordered with front loader ready from factory, in addition, front PTO and front linkage can also be specified.

The rear lift has been completely redesigned and now features 2 external lift cylinders, to increase performance and facilitate servicing.  The maximum lift capacity for T5S is an outstanding 4,4 tons, and even 5 tons for the T5 Utility Powershuttle.

T5S features lift-o-matic controls and the T5 Utility Powershuttle features the popular lift-o-matic plus system.


Unrivalled comfort and visibility.

Both T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle tractors deliver comfort and visibility without equal in cabs perfectly matched to the different requirements of the tasks they excel in.

T5S tractors benefit from a new, ample, four-post cab design providing 320 degrees of visibility. The flat-deck cab is accessed via full-length doors, and an air-suspended seat and high-visibility sunroof for loader work add to the excellent operator comfort. While the T5S tractors fit in at the lower end of the T5 line, they can be specified to a high degree if required. Options include PLM Connect telematics, EZ-Pilot autoguidance and the ISOBUS UT/TC-capable IntelliViewTM 4 display.

The T5 Utility Powershuttle, on the other hand, has a comfortable 6-pillar VisionView cab that still allows you to have everything under control with great visibility. The main controls are very intuitive and easily accessible on the operator’s right side for excellent ergonomics. The spacious cab offers easy access to the driving area, a quiet environment with just 76 db, and the comfort of an air-suspended seat and excellent ergonomics.

The design of the new T5S 4 pillar cab and T5 Utility Powershuttle 6 pillar cab satisfies the requirements of customers working with space constraints like inside the stables: in fact both tractors stay below 2,65m of overall height with the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle representing a benchmark in the range thanks to the super low profile roof which guarantees an overall height below 2.6m with R34 tires.

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