Modern, straightforward and dependable new MF 4700 M mid-range tractors

The new Massey Ferguson MF 4700 M Series includes three new models from 82hp to 100hp powered by a three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

Massey Ferguson has introduced its new MF 4700 M Series, which includes three new models from 82hp to 100hp and all come with the option of a completely new Dyna-2, 24 x 24 Powershift transmission.
Three new models take over from the existing MF 4700 Series. All are powered by the latest AGCO Power Stage V, three-cylinder, 3.3 litre engines delivering powers of 82hp, 92hp and 100hp. The new 100hp MF 4710 M, now heads the range, while the previous 75hp model is no longer available.
Advanced AGCO Power 3.3-litre, three-cylinder engines power the new MF 4700 M tractors. Equipped with common rail, electronic fuel injection and four valves/cylinder they meet the strict Stage V emission regulations using Massey Ferguson’s novel All-In-One unit. On top of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) All-In-One now has the addition of a Soot Catalyst (SC) to control emissions. Tucked neatly under the cab or platform floor this copact and effective system has no impact on visibility. While the Soot Catalyst will require occasional ‘regeneration’ this is accomplished simply by pressing a button on the right-hand console. Unlike other designs, this does not consume any extra diesel, helping to maintain fuel economy.
All models in the new MF 4700 M Series are available with cabs and all the tractors, apart from the 100hp model, can also be specified as Platform versions.
Massey Ferguson’s new Dyna-2 transmission is an option across the range. This is equipped with Speedmatching as standard and comes with the option of Brake-to-Neutral. Alternatively, users can choose the existing, superbly engineered 12 x 12 gearbox, with mechanical shuttle or Powershuttle option.
All four-wheel drive models in the MF 4700 M Series are available with the option of Massey Ferguson’s completely new Dyna-2 transmission with Powershuttle and Speedmatching.

This two-speed powershift provides 24F X 24R speeds from six gears in two ranges – providing a choice of eleven speeds in the main working range.
The new Hi-Low module provides two powershift speeds, which are selected using a small thumb operated button on the side of the gear knob – under this is a declutch button for fingertip control when changing gears.
Powershift speeds can also be changed with a rocker switch, mounted conveniently on the right-hand console. Here it’s easy to use when the hand is not on the gearlever, for example when reversing.
Speedmatching, which is standard, automatically selects the correct powershift ratio for the speed, when gears are changed. It is activated by a switch on the right-hand console.
Dyna-2 provides a top speed of 40km/hr at a low engine speed of just 1,850rpm.
Alternatively, Massey Ferguson’s modern 12 x 12 gearbox is standard. Specifically designed for these mid-range tractors, it can be equipped with either a mechanical or Powershuttle, to ease operations.

Brake-To-Neutral is an option available for both the Dyna-2 transmission and the 12 X 12 Powershuttle. Activated by a switch on the console, it simultaneously operates the clutch when the brake pedal is depressed.
This superb control greatly eases and enhances loader work, enabling operators to use just one pedal to brake and declutch as the same time.
The MF 4700 M Series adopts the new Massey Ferguson family style, which introduces the new wave-shaped grille, incorporating a modern lightbar at the top.
All the new functions are shown and monitored on an uprated dashboard, which includes icons for the new features including the Soot Catalyst status, Powershift Hi or Low and Brake-to-Neutral activation. Elsewhere, updates include new wheel rims – front and rear – to improve dependability and enable the fitment of a wide range of tyre sizes.
Maintenance and repair are simplified by the addition of a new Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) standardised socket for connecting diagnostic tools. An optional automatic battery isolator switch is also now available, which is automatically activated when the operator switches off the tractor.
A Free Flow return is now also available for tractors equipped with spool valves with a flow divider.
Massey Ferguson’s new MF 4700 M Series follows the launch of the MF 5700 M at last year’s Agritechnica Show. The ‘M’ designation stands for ‘medium specification’, which sets these ranges apart from the higher specification ‘S’ models – in the MF 5700 S, MF 6700 S, MF 7700 S and MF 8700 S ranges.

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