Kubota’s TIM tractors and implements to receive AEF Certification

Kubota is the first tractor manufacturer to be AEF certified with its combination of TIM M7003 Premium KVT tractor series.

Kubota is the first tractor manufacturer to be AEF certified with its combination of TIM M7003 Premium KVT tractor series and TIM baler BV5xxx series earning the renowned certification. In the work environment, this will allow the Kubota M7003 tractor to communicate with the AEF certified implements, allowing the TIM baler or other AEF certified TIM implements to control tractor functionalities such as PTO, hydraulic, and vehicle speed.
The AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) recently announced that both the baler and the M7003 tractor developed by Kubota have received the certification of the TIM conformance test. AEF, in its role as an international organisation dedicated to the technological innovation of agricultural equipment has the mandate to test and ensure that the manufacturers are following the protocol to be TIM certified.
Kubota’s TIM (Tractor Implement Management) enables bilateral communication between tractors and implements, allowing them to work in perfect harmony and reduce the possibility of committing human error. On top of this, the TIM technology has the capacity to increase driver comfort by automatically performing the repetitive actions of the baling process and gives the tractor real-time information which means the driver does not have to check the state of the bales to complete baling. Once an exact bale diameter is reached, the tractor stops and discharges it, always maintaining the same compaction level, achieving the highest quality work.
Kubota has served as a core member of the AEF through Kverneland Group, the implement manufacturer within the Kubota Group, devoted to the advancement of agricultural machinery. Thanks to the recent establishment of Kubota’s European Innovation Center, it took over the AEF core membership from Kverneland Group as part of its efforts to strengthen partnerships within the sector.
The AEF was formed in 2008 by seven agriculture machinery manufacturers with global operations. The organization aims to build a platform for electrification and electronic control of agricultural machinery that transcends manufacturer boundaries. The AEF currently has 11 core members and about 200 general members.

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